Beautiful, well-groomed nails are an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. A basic manicure takes between 30-45 minutes. No-Chip average about an hour. The cost is quite reasonable, and the results are well worth it.

Basic manicure or pedicure will last one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle and the type of service you’ve had. If, for example, you work in the garden without gloves, your manicure probably won’t last long.
No-Chip maintain their fresh appearance much longer. Polish between visits can be used but is not necessary.

It depends on the manufacture of the product and experience of nail tech, but in our experience 99% of our clientele keep it on for at least 2-3 weeks and we had some people keep it on as long as 5 weeks.

There is completely different product used for “no chip manicure”. It requires curing time under LED lamp.

We guarantee 2 weeks for No-Chip, 1 week for weekly polish. We free to fix chipped nail within guaranteed period.

For best results, manicures should be done every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain healthy skin, cuticles and nails. Depending on your personal wear and tear, pedicures are recommended every 4 to 6 weeks. This allows you to maintain callous removal, dry skin, and address any other issues

Great service, beauty AND your health are our highest priorities! With that in mind, each client receives a new nail kit when receiving treatments. We never reuse our nail kits! This means single use files, buffers and Pedi scrubbers. All metal implements are cleaned and immersed in EPA grade disinfectant and then baked in a hospital grade heat sterilizer. Tools are presented to the client in a sealed sterilization pouch at each service. Our pipeless pedicure spas are amazing and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each and every use utilizing our 3-step cleaning process!

These steps go above and beyond state requirements. The additional time and effort are worth it! At Spa O your safety is worth.

We love people to come on by. However we desire to provide extraordinary service 
in accommodating specific scheduling and/or treatments, 
and to ensure, appointment are recommended.

Yes, We have the following promotions.

Spa O Royalty Program: You can earn 10 % points of your spending amount, and when you get more than 15 points, you can redeem it for any services.

Early bird special : Before 2 pm, Monday – Wednesday, $40 / Manicure & Pedicure